Spacebar Counter

Count the number of spacebar presses you can make. Find out your spacebar speed and test yourself.

Spacebar Hits
Press Spacebar to Start the Test
You are a Snail
You are a Koala
You are a Turtle
You are a Panda
You are a Hare
You are a Kangaroo
You are a Panther
You are a Cheetah
Your result is Spacebar hits in Seconds ( HPS)

How to use Spacebar Counter


Using our space bar test is very simple. Choose the duration of the test that suits you. Or turn off the timer.


To start the test, press the space bar and keep pressing until the time runs out. Press the space bar as fast as you can.


When the test time is over, stop pressing the space bar. In a special window you will see your result, rating, number of clicks. Share with your friends and repeat the test.

What is a Spacebar Counter?

Our website called the space bar test is a curious and interesting tool that allows our users to find out how fast they press the space bar and how many times they can press in a period of time.

So if you also want to know your level of skills and the speed of pressing the space bar on a computer or laptop keyboard, or even take part in a tiktok contest, then our counter is ideal for your tasks.

With it, you can not only kill time by having a lot of fun, but even organize your own competition with the team. You and your friends can finally find out which of you is the fastest, the most persistent, the strongest in the end, who presses the space bar faster and better.

Advantages Of The Space Bar Counter

Our space clicker has many advantages that you may be interested in. Here are just a few of them.

  • After completing the game, you will be able to see the exact result
  • You will be able to conduct exciting competitions with your friends
  • You will improve your performance in online games
  • You will have the opportunity to immediately share your result in social networks
  • You do not need to register on the site to play
  • The game is available from any browser
  • And it's all absolutely free
  • If you constantly use your computer keyboard for your activities or entertainment, you probably regularly use the space bar when typing or for jumping in games. But few of you know how fast you can press the space bar. Now you can easily find out your score by tapping on the space bar. For this, our test will come in handy. If you like our site and want to thank us, add it to your bookmarks and share it with your friends.

    How Does The Space Bar Clicker Work?

    Our test works very simply, it counts your presses on the space bar. The program that counts your presses on the spacebar will work perfectly accurately. This is a time test that users can set themselves. Just launch the site, hit the spacebar and the test will start right away.

    To find out your tap rate, you first need to start a timer. As soon as you press the button for the first time, the counter will start. Each of your clicks will be counted by the application. You will be able to watch your result as you click.

    If you want to restart the game and reset your achievements, click on the restart button. You can also invite your friends to join you and play. Challenge them to find out which one of you is the coolest!

    Keep practicing until you are satisfied with your results. If it seems to you that it is easy, then do not relax. Just a few minutes and you will be tired like after a good workout.

    Why Do I Need Spacebar Speed Test?

    Testing the speed of pressing the spacebar is not just a stupid game. This is a real simulator for the coolest guys. If you need to find out who is cooler than you or your friend - the most convenient way to do this is to compare your results in the spacebar speed test.

    You are sure that you will be able to click much more times. But we're sure your friend would like to take a beating with you on this subject. Prove that you really deserve to be called the fastest of the two of you and find out who is the snail and the turtle and who is the panther and the cheetah.

    Challenge On Tiktok

    You might be surprised, but this simple game has become very popular on the TikTok app. Thousands of players from all over the world began to compete with each other in the speed of pressing the spacebar and shoot it on video. The game has really captured the minds of many young and not so young bloggers. And so far this issue has not been settled. Suddenly, it is you who will be able to break the record and press the spacebar the most number of times. And why not test yourself and post a video with your result, thus starting your successful career as a tiktoker.

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